Ask yourself the right questions


Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers

The problem is never having the right answers, but asking yourself the right questions! The capacity that you have to face life with the right questions, will lead you in a natural way to find the right answers.

You have imagined your ideal future; you have defined objectives in each of your “areas of power”. Now the key question is:


How can I reach my objectives?
How can I arrive at my ideal life?
How can I overcome the problems that I will inevitably have to tackle?

How? How? How?

Discipline yourself to give at least 20 answers to the question “how” for each of your objectives and you will have very good chances of already being half way there (but don’t forget to act!).

The wrong questions, moreover, can likewise easily lead us to living the life that we don’t want.

Ask yourselves: “Why am I so unlucky?” or “Why aren’t I rich?” or “Why haven’t I got 10 million euros in the bank?”
You can be sure that you brain will know how to find the “right” answer also in this case.
But this is the reality of life for most mediocre people!!!

They don’t ask themselves: “What can I do to improve my position?”. Do you want to know why?

Because asking yourself the right questions implies ACTION.

And most people don’t want to act. They don’t want to pay the price in terms of concentration, effort or risks to make their dreams come true.
Once again it’s necessary to learn to take responsibility for your own actions. Asking yourself the wrong questions means giving someone else that responsibility. Asking yourself the right questions means acting and taking the responsibility of the answers.

Simone Gibertoni

From “The Path to Personal Excellence” by Simone Gibertoni